Why do Brazilians use Garlic in most Recipes?

One of the best things about my home country Brazil that you will notice if you ever go there, are the foods - they are delicious. I always remember my people for their passion about life, food, friendship and family, but also for their cooking ability. We make very good cooks and chefs, and now we are recognised worldwide for our creativity and talent to design amazing dishes. One of the things you should know about Brazilian food is that we use a lot of garlic and onions as one of the standard ingredients in most of our recipes.

I grew up around many cultures and developed a very good sense of food. I have many friends, whose families immigrated from Portugal, Italy, Japan, Germany and Spain to live in Brazil during the World War I and WWII. That is why I think our cuisine is so rich and full of delicious recipes with garlic; because most of those cultures use garlic in most of their dishes as well. Interesting isn’t it?

Well here is what I want to share with you today. The benefits of garlic are:

  • Traditionally used to warm, to cleanse the blood, to prevent and treat cold, flu, coughs, PMS, expel worms and parasites
  • Prevent cancer and tumor growth, specially collon and stomach
  • Reduces cholesterol and risk of CVD
  • Improve blood sugar levels in Diabetics
  • Enhance formation of Glutathione – potent detoxifier and cellular antioxidant – especially heavy metals and antibiotics
  • Prevent and relief chronic bronchitis
  • Decongestant and Expectorant
  • Used in Egypt to increase workers resistance to infection and later used to treat wounds

So next time you think about garlic; think about the benefits. Forget about the strong smell that is has. That is just the sulphur compounds in it, which gives that pungent smell. If you want to avoid that just make sure you chew some parsley or mint after consume it and that shall reduce the garlic breath. But always remember the benefits for you. Garlic is one of the most curative and healing food medicines of all.