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My Famous Sunflower Guacamole

I've got to confess that I've never been a big fan of guacamole and savoury dishes with avocado. Where I came from in Brazil avocado or “abacate” how we say is mainly used for sweets, smoothies and as a dessert. I clearly remember that first time I landed in Australia and I saw people eating avocado in sandwiches and sushi and I thought with me “this is different way of eating avocados”…hahaha.

As I good adventurer I decided to try the savory version and I was impressed, it was incredibly nice. Today I’m huge fan of it and I recommend avocado for almost every patient of mine that needs a good source of nutrients and energy.

Avocados are excellent food for those who are after calories (energy) and nutrients such as protein, good fats, vitamins (A, B, C, D, E and K) and minerals (Potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and other essential micronutrients. For you to have an idea avocados are almost 40% fat which is a considerable source of fatty acids when compared to other fruits, so be careful with the quantities that you eat of it, otherwise you can pack on few extra kilos.

Apart from the high calorie content, the benefits of avocados are many. Below are just few examples of this amazing super food:

  1. Rich source of fiber – helps patients with constipation due to low intake of fibre
  2. Protect the cardiovascular system – the nutrients present in avocado such as vitamins B and E, glutathione and phytochemicals are powerful cardio protector and helps reduce homoscysteine levels (inflammation mediator)
  3. Control Blood pressure – the high levels of potassium in avocados helps to balance the levels of sodium in the body and reduce blood pressure
  4. Eye sight protection – powerful antioxidants such as carotenoids are very beneficial to eye health and have prove to be effective against macular degeneration and cataracts
  5. Anti-ageing – the many hundreds of phytochemicals in avocados are powerhouse against cell damage and ageing related disease and disorders
  6. Skin care – good fats in avocados are excellent for those who have trouble skin (inflamed) and need antioxidant and healing nutrients
  7. Weight gain – yes, that’s right. Avocado are packed with fatty acids and that makes a perfect food for those who are looking for an extra source of energy and want to add some extra healthy kilos. Great for kids, elderly and sick patients

So, now that you know few things about avocado I want to share this recipe that I have created last year and it’s been a huge success everywhere that I go and present this. It is a very easy recipe to make and I highly recommend for those who like guacamole and want to try something different. The addition of sunflower sprouts makes the dish more nutritive and with a unique taste and texture. Try it!

Next blog I will share with you some of the many benefits of sprouts.

Enjoy the recipe,

Ronaldo Fulieri


Serves 4-6

2 avocados
1 handful of sprouts or rockets or spinach
1 fresh lime or lemon, juice
¼ red onion
1 teaspoon of sea salt
1/2 of a chili, optional
1 tablespoon of coriander, chopped, optional

Blend all the ingredients in the food processor or blender or mush it by using a fork.

Serve with vegetable sticks (good for fat loss) or with toast, wholegrain crackers, wraps, fish and meat dishes.