5 Questions to Ask before Buying a Protein Powder

This is perhaps one topic I could go on and on about, and probably write 10 pages on it. There are so many studies and articles on the subject of supplementation and the results vary from work to work. There is why here I will break down for you few simple and easy points that you should consider when you go shopping for protein powders.

Is the product free of artificial additives?

There are so many brands out there in the market that is hard to decided which one has the best product and value. Although, you have to consider first if the supplement you are about to use is natural and free of artificial additives such as colorings, preservatives, sweeteners, flavor enhancers and bulking agents 

Is the product GMO, organic or doesn’t say on the label?

If doesn’t say on the label that is certified organic or GMO free probably is because it isn’t then. Many products in the market are made with genetic modified ingredients and full of chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. The best ones are the ones made from organic ingredients and without any artificial stuff

Is it animal source protein or vegetable?

Some brands of proteins are made purely of animal protein source such as whey protein or albumin (egg white), others are made of vegetarian source such as peas, brown rice, chickpea, hemp and green grasses. This is totally up to you whether you consume animal or vegetable source. They both contain good nutrition biological value

What is the purpose of taking this supplement?

Most people take supplements because they don’t have time to cook and prepare their food. It is an understandable thing, especially if you don’t have time, although supplements don’t substitute real food and they have a totally different energetic value in the body. The only time you should use protein powders is if you don’t have access to real food and need a boost of protein in the meal. Therefore it shouldn’t exceed more than twice a day. Supplements like that are normally low in fiber and if taken in excess it can cause constipation, flatulence, blotting and other digestive problems. Real food is always the best option

How much to take daily?

I generally recommend a serve of 30-40g of the powder per meal. This should give you an approximately amount of 25-30g of protein, which is consider ideal for most people. You can take before or/and after exercising, breakfast or snacks. Mix with water, juice or healthy sweet treat recipes such as protein balls, brownies and cakes

I will be posting more about supplements later on in this blog and I will teach everything I know about and show you many ways to find out the best products in the market. For now on just keep eye open for the products that contains artificial ingredients and stay way from it.