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What to Eat for Breakfast

I know food preferences are totally personal but I have decided to write this blog because I have many clients and friends that ask me about breakfast meal options, and what to eat in the morning to give lasting long energy, feel less hungry and increase performance. So, here are my tips to you:

Fruits – always a good start in the morning. They are rich in water, simple sugars, fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that are powerful antioxidants (anti-ageing)

Vegetables – also very welcome in the morning and can be combined with fruits to increase nutritional value and make it more powerful. Mix it in juices, smoothies, dips, scramble eggs and even salads in the morning

Wholegrain - rich in complex carbohydrates, protein, fiber and little amount of fat, wholegrain makes one of the best choices for breakfast. Chose an unrefined grain over a refined one, you will get a lot more benefits by doing that. More nutrition and less carbohydrate, which will help you, control your blood sugar and appetite

Protein – rich in amino acids, proteins, are an essential part of optimal nutrition. Proteins are need for multiple functions in our body and are considered the ‘building blocks’ in the body. The best proteins to use in the morning are lean ones, to make the digestion nice and easy. Few ideas are: beans, seeds, nuts, yoghurt, eggs, low fat cheese, fish and lean steak cut

Simple sugars – it is not necessary if you don’t like or especially if you want to lose body fat quicker. Simple sugar are ok to take in small quantities in the morning to give an extra kick start energy and to sweeten certain foods, but it contains less nutrition than the foods listed above. If you decided to use them try to use good ones such as: honey, maple syrup, molasses and coconut syrup or coconut sugar (low GI)

Here are some of my favorite options for breakfast that you can refer to:

  1. Nutritive Smoothie – with fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, raw cacao and protein powder (optional)
  2. Tomato Avocado Toast – with your favorite wholegrain bread, toasted, and topped with avocado, tomato, salt, pepper and lemon
  3. Healthy Sandwich – with salad, egg or cheese or lean protein
  4. Eggs and Veggies – chose your favorite to do eggs and combine it with a nice salad or baked or grill vegetables. Season it with lemon, salt, olive oil and pepper to add extra flavor
  5. Cereal and fruit bowl – chose one or two of your favorite fruit and mixed with a wholegrain such as oats or barley or quinoa. Make a porridge or birtcher muesli using coconut water or milk, almond milk or yoghurt, and top with your favorite natural sweetener

So now you can have a little more ideas of nutritive breakfast options to keep you on track of your health. Enjoy