The Super Powers of Broccoli

In 2011 I started to post few tips and ideas that you could do at home on the regular basis to improve your quality of life and achieve greater fitness results. I spoke about the importance of the basic elements of nutrition like water and fruits for example and explained the importance of those things in our overall health.

This year I will continue to explain the basics of nutrition and which foods are essential in order to achieve optimum results in sports performance, fat loss and disease prevention and cure. I want to share with you the lessons that I’ve learned about foods and explain why and how to get yourself in shape and in control of your health. I hope you have all seen my video on this website and understand that I had challenges with my weight when I was younger and how I ended up becoming nutritionist. As a young teen I faced one of the hardest times of my life trying to lose my belly fat and gain muscle.

I definitely understand what it takes to get fit and healthy, and that’s what I want to share with you in this blog. In every post I will give you an explanation of one food or more and describe the benefits and nutritional value of each of of them. My first tip to you today is going to be: 


Broccoli is one of the most important vegetables to keep on your shopping list. The many benefits of this amazing powerhouse green are: Speeds up liver detoxification and elimination of toxins due to it’s unique substance indole-3-carbinol. Helps to block excess hormones like estrogen and testosterone therefore preventing against many types of cancer caused by hormonal disfunction like breast and testicle cancer. Increases belly fat burning and reduces water retention by regulating insulin and other hormones like estrogens. Source of calcium and magnesium, excellent for the bones, muscle and brain function Easy to cook and store in the fridge and freezer Available all year around Low carb, high protein, low fat, high fiber If there’s one vegetable you should consider adding to your shopping list and cooking daily it is broccoli. You will be surprised about the quick benefits you get from this super green! Next week we will continue with more superfoods and the super power of nutrition

Stay healthy, stay tuned Ronaldo Fulieri