The Super Power of Lemons and Limes

Let me introduce the Superpower Sour Twins Lemon and Lime In my book Ronaldo’s Kitchen – The Superpower of Nutrition I present ingredients that are useful and have extraordinary nutritional value in a very simple way that even children will understand.

18th Century British Sailors nicknamed the Limeys were forced to drink a ration of lemon or lime juice a day whilst at sea, to prevent Scurvy (vitamin C deficiency disease). Months on end at sea without fresh fruit and vegetables lead the sailors to stock up on lemons and limes to get their vital daily dose of vitamin C.

Lemons and Limes contain lots of vitamin C and are packed with powerful antioxidant that can disarm Free Radicals. Free Radicals are harmful molecules of oxygen that contribute to aging and many other diseases like cancer.

Other benefits of Lemons and Limes:

Reduces histamine (produced in response to allergies) and improves allergy symptoms like a runny nose or red eyes.
Alkalinizes the body pH –especially when consumed with mineral water.
Soothes and reduces stomachache and heart burn Improves weight and body fat loss when consumed regularly and especially during cleansing diets and detoxification.

If you are not so familiar with the Sour Twins Lemon and Lime in your kitchen you can start by using them in salad dressing, mineral water, hot teas and soups.

They add great taste to your dish and many chefs adore and use them regularly in their cooking.

I personally love using lemons and limes in the kitchen because they have amazing reputation for their nutritional value being used for many centuries in different cultures all around the world. In Brazil we are big fans of both and cook with them and drink them daily.