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The Super Powers of Açaí Berries

When I was about 13 years old I saw an article on television about the Açaí berries from the Amazon jungle. For me and many millions of other Brazilians at the time, specially us ones living in Sao Paulo State and the other said of the country, this was the first time we heard about it and the incredible benefits of this food. The article was very interesting and I loved the fact they presented about the nutritional break down and why this fruit stands out when compare to other types of berries. They also explained that the indigenous and locals of Amazon are very well know in the area for been fit and healthy and used to long hours at climbing trees, intense weight lifting and labor work. The article also reports that this fruit is part of the local’s favorite daily option and many indigenous attribute Acai’s ‘superpowers’ and nutrients for been the number one reasons why they are strong and fit and able to maintain their healthy bodies. I remember that straight after finish the report on the news I spoke with my mother and we went to the local market to try to find about the ‘miracle’ berry. If the “warriors” of the jungle were consuming it then I should try some as well. We found a store that used to sell and I did buy it to try.

Today, after 14 years since that news I still consume Açaí on the daily basis and enjoying the benefiting of it. Although, one of the things that I like most about this berries is the unique taste. It’s almost like blueberries with dark chocolate and I have it mainly at breakfast or protein shake times. I normally add with other super foods like chia seeds all together to delivery even better benefits.

If you've never heard about Açaí here are some interesting facts and informations about this amazing food: Açaí is a palm tree (also know as Euterpe Oleracea) only grown in Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. It contains a unique blend of essential fatty acids (all three omegas 3-6-9), plant sterols and amino acid source. One the highest concentration of antioxidants found in foods 16 types of Vitamin including vitamins: A, B, C and D; Excellent source of insoluble fibre; 17 types of minerals including: Cooper, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Chromium and many other trace elements; I love my daily Açaí meal bowl and today I will learn how to make a perfect brazilian style one.

For this recipe you will need: 

200-300g frozen Açaí (2-3 packs)
1/2 banana, sliced, frozen or fresh
1/2 cup of ice
1/4 cup of water or fresh apple juice
1-2 tablespoon of Honey (optional)
1/2 banana for decoration (optional)
strawberries or other seasonal fruits to decorate (optional)
Muesli, roasted and with or without dried fruits (optional)

First blend the Ice, banana and 1/4 cup of water until achieve a homogenized consistency and until the banana has become a paste with the Açaí. 

Secondly, add the frozen Açaí and using a plastic tablespoon try to break down into small pieces and push it down to the bottom of the blender. This will speed up process and make it easier to blend and achieve smooth consistency. It necessary stop the blend and use the tablespoon to help allocate the big pieces of frozen fruit.