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The Famous Super Quinoa Salsa!

.......Last week seminar was awesome and we did for over 200 people here in Gold Coast, great success. THANK YOU, if you have participated! Quality entertainment, delicious foods and valuable information. I spoke about the topic “super foods”, and why we can benefit eating good foods. I believe everyone enjoyed the talk and the cooking demonstration. I did one new dessert recipe (which is in the last blog recipe) and gave everyone a taste of my famous quinoa super salsa....they love it! So, this week recipe I decided to review this recipe again and write few more details about this delicious and exquisite food that 99% people adore.

I have clients, friends and family that eat this dish almost everyday! 

So here it go:

Quinoa super salsa

Nutritional benefits

Breakfast, lunch, snacks should contain lots of nutrients like protein, low GI carbohydrates and good fats to help control energy levels through the day. Quinoa is an excellent source of good complex carbohydrates, fibre and also good amounts of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Interesting things about Quinoa is:

1) The source of many nutrients (minerals like calcium and iron especially), protein with essential amino acids and complex carbohydrates;
2) Gluten free carbohydrate - it is a "pseudo-grain", is not really a grain but we consider like one;
3) Anti ageing food - high in antioxidants;
4) Ancient super food - consumed for over 4000 years by the bolivian, peruvian, colombian and ecuadorian people.
5) Growing popularity in many places around the world due to it's nutritional values and also flavour and versatility;
6) Low GI and ideal for cleansing, gluten free and weight loss programs.
7) Unique smell, taste and texture;

Cooking instructions

In a big saucepan bring the water to boil, add the quinoa, reduce heat and simmer for around 10–15 minutes, checking the water levels every couple of minutes before it evaporates and turn the heat off. Keep a lid on top and leave for 10 minutes to finish cooking the grain.
Transfer the cooked Quinoa to a bowl and let cool down before finishing the recipe.
Mix all the other ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
Serve with salads, lean cuts of meat, chicken or fish.

Ingredients – serves 6-8

150g uncooked white quinoa
150g uncooked black or red quinoa
600ml of water
400g tin of cooked kidney beans – drained and washed
1 cup of cherry tomatoes – cut in half
1 big red onion – diced small
1 green capsicum – diced
1 red capsicum – diced
100g of kalamata olives deseeded – chopped small
1 cup of fresh coriander – finely chopped
2 limes – juice squeezed
4 tablespoons of olive oil
2 teaspooons of salt
1 teaspoon of pepper

Enjoy! Love

Ronaldo Fulieri