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Anti-Ageing Foods

In spring time the sun is warmer and many herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables start to ripen. The fresh food produce is beautiful, colourful, delicious and nutritious. As a professional nutritionist and chef I love to cook and create recipes at this time of the year. This is a perfect time to get creative, to change, and to start a healthier and more active lifestyle.

In my seminars and classes I often talk about the importance of eating whole foods, nutrient-dense, functional foods 'superfoods', and the benefits of those foods as opposed to refined, non nutritive and degenerative foods. I constantly say to my students that the difference between both are huge and can totally define anybody's health forever. The former, is that they protect, regenerate and strengthen the body. The latter - they destroy and deprive the body from its basic and essential nutrients. Functional 'superfoods' are anti-aging while refined and processed foods are ageing. Its as simple as that! Whole foods been around for thousand of years and used by many ancient civilizations such as chinese, egyptians, greeks, indians and africans.

If you don't know the benefits of those amazing foods in your life, I will give you 3 big motivations as to why you should consider to have those foods in your daily nutrition plan.  

So.... here it goes:

1) Wholefoods and superfoods are full of vitality and packed with powerful nutrients and phytonutrients (plant chemicals) such as enzymes, pigments, vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.

2) Nutrients and phytonutrients have medicinal properties and can prevent, restore and cure diseases.
3) Superfoods are high in antioxidants which protect you against oxidation or free-radical damage. They have significant impact on your overall health, from the quality of your skin to your internal organs health, bones and joints quality.

The most important thing to remember about functional foods is about their chemical compounds and it's amazing capacity of fighting ageing.

What are the functional superfoods I should be buying? - You say.....

BERRIES like blueberries, bliberries, acai berries, cranberries, gogi berries, etc. Most berries are high in nutrients and phytochemicals.
CRUCIFEROUS VEGETABLES like broccoli, cabbage and kale.
NUTS like almonds, walnuts and brazil
SPICES like Turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, black summin, allspices, bay leaves and many more.
HERBS like rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley and coriander

So now you know few of them and can start to experiment and use those ingredients in your culinary recipes. In my book 'Ronaldo's Kitchen: the superpower of nutrition' I talk more about functional foods and the benefits of them for general health.

Have fun in the kitchen cooking some healthy and delicious recipes and I will be in touch, informing you about some cool stuff about nutrition and health.

Big Hug,

Ronaldo Fulieri