The Lunch Box Trend

In my short visit to my home country I have observed something that is growing fast around there and also here in Australia: lunchboxes - ready made to go meals. Convenience food as we know is one of the biggest industries in the world and move billions every year. With the modern lifestyle demanding every time more and more of our time we are consuming more and more products and services like that, obviously. Practicability and fast service is valued and always will be. And lunchboxes on the go is definitely the way to go. Unfortunately we have so many types and varieties nowadays that is difficult for some to make a right judgment of what is good and healthy.

I have made lunchboxes since back in high school. The canteen in the time only served fried foods, soft drinks and some other unhealthy foods. That is why I decided with 15 years old onwards to do my own meals and take with me before left home, at least I knew what I was eating and taking control of my health, especially with my past history of overweight and almost obesity. My biggest fear was go back there and lose control again.

When I went to university I did the same. Everyday I used to take my lunchboxes and snacks with me. All of my friends used to make jokes and laugh of me because of my habits and way of living. Well, I didn’t care much really, we were all students of nutrition and my habit probably the best option in the time to keep me healthy and also to save money. I remember spending almost the double of money to have lunch at the university’s canteen and half of the value that I had with my ones.

The time passed and I stopped doing my lunchboxes because I moved to Australia and I had to adapt to a new lifestyle, and I admit that I lost the discipline to make the daily lunchboxes. For me in that time was all about new experiences, survival and try to adapt to a brand new language and culture. The Australian way of life was very different for me compare to my home country and here could find fast-food outlets every corner, and with a very competitive price. I confess that I have tried various types of fast foods in that time, firstly because of my budget and secondly because of the convenience.

In my second year of Australia when I became personal trainer and started to work in a PT studio I went back to the lunchboxes habit and quickly I became famous for it. All my colleges and clients in the time loved my discipline, creativity and the taste of my food. I used to give then some to try and they could not stop talking about it. So, because of that I decided to open a business and supply ready to go healthy meals to my clients and friends. It went so well that I went from 15 lunchboxes in the first week to 125 in the fourth. The business boomed so quickly that I had to leave personal training business after 2 years of it to dedicate to my other one. That was my passion in the time and I knew it had a prosper future.

Today, after 7 years of doing lunchboxes I can clearly say why this is the future and why I would love that most people create and make their own, at home, every week. I believe that by doing your own meals in advance and storing it for later not only is the key for health but also for a great quality of life. As cited before convenience is valuable today and we all need it to certain extend in this world. So, why not try to make your own. Here are the things I’ve learned and have experience and knowledge to share with you:

• When you cook your meals, you not only save money but you save time.

• By cooking in bulk and saving it for later for future meals you learn that you don’t need to cook everyday, maybe just once or twice a week.

• Lunchboxes are trendy and today many people accept and also do it, so join the trend!

• If you don’t know how to cook, then buy my cookbook, I promise the meals that I have there are easy to cook and healthy for you

• By avoiding eating out every day you will understand that sometimes cook your own food is pleasurable and have many benefits, physically and mentally

• Having your own food ready to go is fantastic to those people who time management is everything. You don’t need to worry about stop and grabbing a meal, you already have it on you. No stress

• Lunchboxes can be very good for kids, because they can also learn to create their own, with fruits, vegetable sticks, dips, sandwiches and home made cookies and cereal bars

It only take a little disciple and time at the beginning to start to create and make your own lunchboxes. I guarantee you won’t regret it, and will thank me later. Your life will become a lot easier and healthier. And like I suggested if you don’t know how to cook and would like to learn then let me teach you and follow me on youtube, social media and on the website. I will be constantly giving you tips, ideas and teaching you the principles of nutrition, fitness and healthy cooking.

Happy healthy cooking and enjoy your lunch boxes!