“hi I am a mum, trainer, and figure competitor! I wanted to find more about the way to include all the health benefits of fresh food and needed some advice, then I came across some short courses to do that Ronaldo was running. I just loved the way Ronaldo made it so easy to understand and also to prepare all the fresh healthy foods. I learned so much and put it into practice straight away. I thank Ronaldo so much for his amazing knowledge. I will never turn back, and my clients and kids are benifiting from his amazing knowledge.”

Natalie Bartle, Personal Trainer and Figure competitor

“Ronaldo Fulieri and the Superpower of nutrition has changed all of our lives. My husband and I now have an amazing "Super Smoothie" (acai berry, cacao, chia seeds, maca, banana & protein) for morning tea everyday instead of a coffee. What makes us even happier as parents of teenagers is the fact that our 16 year old son now makes his own Acai smoothie and an omelet in the mornings before school. Our 13 year old daughter gave her cooking teacher a lesson on Cacao when asked what else could the kids think of to use as an ingredient when making "Cupcakes"!!! She said "it's the proper cocoa, raw, much better for you and comes from Brazil". So proud! Thank you Ronaldo, for the inspiration, the education and the complete honesty when it comes to nutrition. You have made healthy eating fun and interesting for us all.”

Rudy Rush, Business owner and mum

“My name is Meg, I meet you at the Gold Coast City Council 8 week challenge talk last night (Thursday 6/2). You helped me with ideas to help my sore bloating issues that I suffer each night.
You were so generous to give me some of your Alkaline protein powder to try as I have been using a whey protein powder. I just wanted to say a 'big thank you' for the powder and for being so inspiring and helping me understand healthy living. I will be saving up to book an appointment with you as I am very interested in nutrition and then to teach my young kids.
You're such a champ and have such a positive outlook on life, thank you.

Meg, Gold Coast

"Hi Ronaldo,

You are amazing, my tummy has been so much better since staying off the whey protein. Your protein is so much better, thank you…I have cooked so many of your recipes, they are so yummy. For a week I have eaten your salsa for lunch, even my husband and kids are eating it. And your hummus is afternoon tea, my daughter and I made it together and we think it's the best tasting dip ever!!

Take care and thanks for your help. Your knowledge is amazing

You have definitely encouraged and empowered myself and my family, I read your book every day and learn more and more. I am a big fan of yours and I know Australia is lucky to have you in our country teaching us, although you're an Aussie now! I tell all my friends and family about your book, where can they buy your book from?

I must go as I am wanting to make your Acai berry cream and more of your energy balls as my kids love them in their lunch box."

“Ronaldo is very special to me and admire his advice towards my nutrition as I believe without him, I would never have lost 40kg within the first 2 years of my journey to weight loss. It’s also because of him and my trainer EJ I still today 4 ½ years on have not put my weight back on and have learnt how to eat healthier. ”

Sue Lyall, Personal Trainer

“Ronaldo's cook book has inspired me and lit a new excitement for cooking inside me. I now realise that eating healthy isn't boring and bland, it shouldn't be. After using the recipes in my everyday cooking; healthy eating Is actually really exciting and delicious. It makes you feel re-energized and great inside and out. I now have a new found love for cooking and hunger to learn more about nutrition. ”

Ionie Valdez, Student

“From the first moment I met Ronaldo fulieri I saw a sparkle in his eye like no other. This enthusiastic dynamo was someone I had to have in my life from the first introduction. Ronaldo's passion for life was infectious, his love of health and all things to promote it engaged everyone around him and we all wanted a piece of his organic sun ripened pie! Ronaldo you are the light in every room and the person we love to learn from. From your days of being our Chef at the Health retreats to the cooking classes , we simply could not wait for your book showing us and teaching us how to be better healthier people. Ronaldo there's hardly a person who loves good living who doesn't know of you and hardly a person who has met you you haven't inspired or touched in some way. It's infectious - it's exciting - it's inspirational - keep it coming xx”

Mary Stearling, CEO and founder of MAS ENTERTAINMENT

“We have been enjoying the Acai berry smoothie each day, great recipe, thanks. I remember you saying that you are interested in hearing how children are enjoying the recipes. We made the Super Food Patties and used beef mince… Aidan (our 11 year old) enjoyed them, we put them into bread and added cheese and baby spinach, like a burger. He has also been having a little taste of the Acai berry smoothie (from time to time) and is starting to enjoy that. He put Chia seeds on his cereal this morning, so that will be good for him. We are enjoying the journey we are travelling on, discovering a whole new world of food out there. My young son is now having Chia seeds on his cereal every morning and following the cereal with a small glass of the smoothie. He also requested to have the super food patties in his school lunch, in a sandwich with cheese, tomato sauce and baby spinach. That request was granted very quickly, I think it would be every parents delight to have their child request such good food in their school lunch. Thanks for you help, ”

Kim Guthrie

“ I must thank you for your food presentation you did for us all yesterday. I came home with your book and made the entire evening meal with your recepies from your amazing cook book. The family really loved the tastes, but the real surprise was when they found out the meals were, sugar, gluten and dairy free. Your food presentation has certainly changed our minds about what is good food and how it should be cooked. But I have to personally thank you for showing me just how fast an entire meal can be prepared. I feel confident I will never have to purchase fast food again, and best of all, we can now eat without the chemicals that are found in processed foods. Good fortune in your venture, you have a gift that makes food not only a pleasure, but easy and simple to prepare. From all the Carter family. Ruthi.”

Ruthi C, business owner and mum

“I purchased ‘Ronaldo’s kitchen’ after completing the Super Foods Cooking Course with Ronaldo. The book is fast becoming one that I choose to use on a regular basis. It is a perfect size, the forward and nutrition facts in the front of the book are great, easy to read and give a clear understanding of what is in our food and why we should change to natural fresh produce. The way the recipes are laid out make it very easy to read and follow and the little tips of why they are good for us is very valuable. One of my favourite recipes is the Beach House Tuna which is fantastic used in a wrap, as a salad or wrapped in lettuce leaves.” ”

Debby G, business owner and mum

“My relationship with Ronaldo Fullieri dates back around 6 years to 2006. We both studied Fitness at AIF and then worked together at Vision Personal Training for 12 months. Ronaldo was new to Australia and still learning english words, although this didn't effect the type of results he got for his clients. Quiet hilarious at times with this small communication barrier! Within a few weeks I saw him grow an outstanding reputation that was unique to most other Personal Trainers. It was his passion to educate people about what they should be putting in their mouth and not how fast they could run, nor how much weight they could lift. Over the years I've seen Ronaldo take this passion of healthy eating to a whole new level and branch out himself. He opened his own highly nutritious meal delivery business which was very busy, wrote a book with all of his delicious recipes, spent hours in the kitchen whilst filming cooking segments for television and now a huge success at the Smoothy Shack in Nobbys Beach, Goald Coast. I'm very excited to have seen Ronaldo achieve so much over the past few years, and I know the future can only get bigger and better! ”

Ej Barnes, Personal trainer and business owner