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​What are the benefits of Exercising with Weights?

I have been training with weights and resistance exercises since I was 13 years old. I went to a local gym with an aim to lose fat and get in shape. I know it seems to be very young to start training with weights, but I had the assistance of qualified professionals and personal trainers that helped me to select the best exercises suited to my age. I was overweight at that time, and my paediatrician advised I had to eat less, and exercise more to help reduce my fat percentage - or otherwise I would be risk of obesity later on in my life. As soon as I started to train with resistance I notice the benefits of it, and I instantly fall in love for the sport and since them had never stopped exercising.

One thing I learned about weight training is that you can improve many areas of your life if you do it regularly. Physical strength is probably the most obvious benefit of resistance exercises as we know, but you can also increase your mental strength and endurance by training regularly. As a fitness professional and personal trainer myself, I have worked with hundreds of clients and athletes and I can guarantee that strength training can make a significant impact in peoples life. Here are my observations after years studying, applying and practicing the principles of this type of activity:

  1. Muscle tone and strength. By applying resistance to your muscle you develop stronger and more conditioned muscle fibre, and that is a fantastic thing to have because it helps on daily activities and also to keep the in shape and preventing from muscle atrophy (muscle loss)
  2. By applying force to the muscles the body has to develop stronger bones to keep up with the resistance, that is a great thing to help maintain bone density and avoid osteoporosis in adults and elderly
  3. Weight exercise promotes muscle gain and more muscle more capacity to burn calories. The more muscle you develop the easier is for you to strip down body fat because muscle is an active tissue and utilize energy from foods that you eat or the body fat accumulated to stay functioning
  4. Resistance training promotes the release of healthy hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, adrenalin and growth hormones, which is a fantastic way to boost energy, immunity, vitality, happiness and to sense of wellbeing
  5. By exercising regularly you can develop mental strength and condition which is also important when you want to keep focus and a sharp mind
  6. Resistance training has been proven to be a great activity for those who need to drop sugar levels and keep them under control, such as in cases of diabetes. By exercising the muscles you reduce the glucose levels naturally because the active tissue have a capacity to consume blood sugar to produce physical energy, and that is why it helps to reduce and prevent diabetes onset
  7. By training regularly you increase your metabolic rate for 24hrs or more and that is a great benefit to those looking forward to lean up quicker and more effectively
  8. Weight exercises are excellent for elderly people to help to prevent muscle loss, lack of energy and physical weakness
  9. Athletes and sports people can increase performance by applying certain exercises in conjunction with their other training routines. This not only prevent muscle catabolism (loss) but also increases size of muscle fibers which is beneficial to strength
  10. Weights can help improve sleep, wellness and reduce stress, which is a very good thing nowadays for most people.