Tips to get a Toned and Lean Body in just a Few Weeks

To get a lean body you will need first to understand few of the main principles of nutrition and healthy eating. I suggest you have a look in my tips and recommendations on the nutrition page topics. Second, you will need to organize yourself and get few things in place to set for success. Without preparation it’s hard to achieve an outstanding result. Here are my advice to you that is willing to get healthy, fit and in shape:

  1. Start to exercise regularly. Start with 3-4 times a week if you are beginner and build up to 6 days a week, with one day off rest.
  2. Program your food shopping and do a list of things that you will need for the week. Try to focus on healthy ingredients that you know are the best to help you achieve what you want 
  3. Invest in a water filter and drink plenty of filtered and preferably alkaline water. It important to consume quality water everyday. It not only help to feels better because of the hydration but also increase your recovery, eliminate toxins and help reduce excess of excess fluid
  4. Try to go to bed early and have a good sleep. Remember that is during the sleep that we recuperate our energy and fix our body. Quality sleep is not only necessary for the sense of wellbeing but also fundamental to help reduce stress hormone levels such as cortisol, which is decisive during fat loss. The more cortisol you produce the more difficult it is to burn fat tissue
  5. Increase your consumption of fresh vegetables to a minimum of 10 portions a day. Each portion is about a fistful of it. Try to have vegetables 3-5 times a day (breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner). They are the best foods to help lose fat as they are generally the lowest in calories and carbohydrates, plus they are full of water, nutrients and fiber
  6. Don’t cut to low of your good fats. Try to have a minimum of 60g of healthy fats a day distributed through your meals daily, keeping before and after exercise meals with the lowest fat content to maximize digestion and nutrient absorption
  7. Have a mix of intense exercise session and low to moderate ones. Don’t push to hard everyday unless you are highly conditioned to it. The best program would be the ones that combine 2-3 days a week of intense training and 2-3 days a week of low to moderate activities
  8. Have discipline and don’t skip training sessions. Make time for it and write down on your dairy what time you will be able to exercise everyday. Remember: preparation and planning is the key
  9. Drink a cup or two of green tea a day if you like and are used to caffeinated drinks. Green tea helps cleansing, relaxing and also increases the metabolism of fats. Consuming before exercise is also favorable. Just avoid to drink 4-6 hours before bed as it can affect sleep due to caffeine
  10. Have fun and play! Do activities that you enjoy, have fun and get you working out at the same time, like riding bike at the park or the beach for example, or playing games with friends. The best thing about doing activities like that is that you have fun, reduce stress levels and burn calories at the same time