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A couple of days ago I went to an amazing market place here on the Gold Coast to get few fresh produce items and authentic ingredients to create a dish. This market is big and full of delicious fresh produce form all over the world and it is a paradise for those who love food, like me. I initially didn’t know what I wanted to create but knew once I was there I would pick the ingredients that I was most attracted to it. Sometimes I like to do that at the fresh market place, just to be able to feel what is that you after. Kind of playing with your instincts. As soon as I walked in there I had a feeling to go for seafood and seek for original Italian produce. And it happens!

So for dinner I decided to get some authentic Italian produce and make a spaghetti recipe. I love pasta, and it makes me extremely happy 

and satisfied. I got Italian made pasta, parmesan cheese, olive oil and Sicilian olives. The only thing Australian made was the organic tomato, lemon and the seafood. I was on a mission to produce what I now call: “Frutti di mare con aglio e olio e limone spagueti con peperoncino, funghi selvatici e basilica” - Seafood with garlic and oil and lemon spagueti with chili, wild mushroom and basil

My plan was to first to marinate with salt, olive oil, lemon thyme and oregano and let it rest for while. Then I would chopped the garlic, chili, olives, spring onions and tomato. The whole idea behind the concept of this plate was to create something quick, simple and extremely tasty. I knew by combining those ingredients it would work synergistically.

I first cooked the pasta with a little salt until about ‘al dente’ (just enough cooked), drained and let it rest. Then I used the same pan to sauté the marinated seafood. I cooked it for about 5 minutes and took off the pan. Then I added the garlic, chili, olives and let it sauté for few seconds. The last process I did was to add the tomato, the pasta and the seafood and let it cook for few seconds always making sure you mix and stir gently. To decorate the plate I added few basil leaves and a bit of Parmesan on the top.

My night end up in this: me a glass of wine (maybe two) and an amazing and orgasmic dish. I have to confess that is was one of the best dishes I ever have made. Like the Italians say: “mamma mia questo è delizioso”

Ronaldo Fulieri 

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