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Private Cooking Classes

One of the things I most love about my career, is to teach and share my experience and knowledge with people. 

When I do a cooking class I don’t only teach about the recipes and how to cook it, but I also teach many interesting facts and things about food. As a good student I’m also a good teacher and my responsibility is to pass on my knowledge and help people to understand what I call the ‘Superpowers of Nutrition’, which is the name of my first book.

During my classes I teach how to prepare an average of 10 recipes, which of those, mostly are gluten and dairy free. I prefer to do it this way because I want to demonstrate how easy is to create nutritive and delicious meals for all types of people and health challenges. The aim of my classes is to teach how to use fresh ingredients and functional foods ‘superfoods’ in everyday life, to maximize health and energy

If you are interested in my private classes contact our team on info@ronaldofulieri.com and we will show you the various options and formats that suits you. 

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