5 Tips on How to Maximise your time in the Kitchen

Being a professional chef and nutritionist has given me many skills along the years; especially how to maximize time in the kitchen preparing, cooking, packing and cleaning it. I generally spend no more than 40 minutes a day in my kitchen preparing my own food. It’s all about multi-tasking and having in your hands the right tools and systems to help you get faster and more effective. 

Here are some tips for you that want to learn how to be more effective in the kitchen:

Have a shopping list before you go shopping

Maximize your time every time food shopping and make a list of things you will need for a couple of days. That will save you time and money

Use the foods that are about to expire in your pantry and fridge

Use the old products and ingredients that you have, before using the new ones you bought. Try to create dishes to use them and consume on the day. That will reduce the space in your pantry and fridge plus reduce your weekly food cost.

Have a Sharp knife

Most people don’t realize how much faster you can prepare a ingredient if you have a sharp knife. Invest in one because is totally worth your time and effort. Just watch your grip, your fingers and learn how to manipulate it easily

Have container to store your foods

Invest in a set of containers is a good idea when you want to maximize your time in the kitchen. Many times you will need to store extra portions of things and containers can come handy

Always cook 1-2 extra portion ever time you cook for yourself

If you have this system of making extra portions of food every time you cook I guarantee you will have more free time to spend outside the kitchen and enjoying your food and life. Prepare extra portions, pack it and store it in the fridge or freezer. By doing this you always have food ready to go for when you don’t feel like cooking. 

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