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After return from my working holiday trip to Brazil I decided to write down the experiences that I have lived in 30 days over there. I had such an amazing time with friends and family that it’s important to me to register this journey and share a little about it with the world. I hardly produced anything in writing over this holiday period compared to my last one when I started the second book. This time it was purely talking, performing and obviously cooking. I did 14 presentations in 10 days, 3 cities and around 500 people in total. Every seminar we catered for the participants so we did lots of preparation, cooking and serving. It was an intense 2 weeks of work and 2 weeks of holiday. The best of all for me was the beautiful people and the food.

I enjoy Brazil because of the people. Brazilians like to eat, dance and celebrate life, friends and family. The country is close to 200 million people and everywhere you go there are people, music and lots of food! It’s a very artistic place, full of colors, styles, types and influences all around the world. In general Brazilians are passionate people! They put their heart and energy into what they do, believe in, and ,with faith, they make magical things happen. And that’s one of the most important ingredients in cooking: passion!

To describe Brazilian cuisine to anyone is a challenge because there are so many ways to present it. It’s a very complex culture and I will try to describe in my own way Brazilian cuisine to you in few words: earthy, intense, rich, natural, comforting, colorful, nutritive, energizing, inviting and unforgettable. It’s hard to compare it with other cuisines around the world. The country is basically a fusion of Africans, Indigenous, European and Asian people. Imagine what it can produce in regards to styles, types, tastes and ideas for cooking.

All my food experiences in Brazil were enjoyable and with many highlights! I basically ate traditional foods and anything that I couldn’t experience overseas, such as: Feijoada, Pao de Queijo, Churrasco, Caipirinha, Bobo de Camarao, Coxinha, Mukeka de peixe, Pastel, Pizza, Café, Bolo de milho, Pao com queijo minas, Palmito, Cuzcuz, Costela cozida, Peixe frito com limao, Bolinho de bacalhau, Pao frances, Pudim de doce de leite and many more. I confess I ate a bit much over there, but thanks to exercise I could maintain the same waist size…lol.

I’m back in Australia now full of memories, lessons and learnings from my country. I felt like sharing with you at home a little of my experiences and knowledge about people, food, cooking, nutrition and the key principles for healthy living. X Love Ronaldo Fulieri

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