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10,000 Facebook Fans - Thank you!

Today 10,000 of you have liked me on Facebook - thank you! To celebrate I am offering a special on my ebooks - all are $2.49.

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Lorna Jane's Sporty Brother of the Week!

As featured in Lorna Jane's 'Move Nourish Believe' Website August 15th, 2014:


This week we want to introduce you to some real flavour. You may not have heard of him (yet) but Ronaldo Fulieri is soon to take the health world by storm. This happy Brazilian is not only a healthy chef, he’s a nutritionist, personal trainer, writer and naturopath in the making. If that wasn’t enough, Ronaldo also hosts superfood cooking demonstrations as a hands on approach to teach and motivate others to prepare easy and healthy dishes. Keep an eye out for his quinoa super salsa below!


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Italian Passion

A couple of days ago I went to an amazing market place here on the Gold Coast to get few fresh produce items and authentic ingredients to create a dish. This market is big and full of delicious fresh produce form all over the world and it is a paradise for those who love food, like me. I initially didn’t know what I wanted to create but knew once I was there I would pick the ingredients that I was most attracted to it. Sometimes I like to do that at the fresh market place, just to be able to feel what is that you after. Kind of playing with your instincts. As soon as I walked in there I had a feeling to go for seafood and seek for original Italian produce. And it happens!

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Private Cooking Classes

One of the things I most love about my career, is to teach and share my experience and knowledge with people. 

When I do a cooking class I don’t only teach about the recipes and how to cook it, but I also teach many interesting facts and things about food.

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5 Tips on How to Maximise your time in the Kitchen

Being a professional chef and nutritionist has given me many skills along the years; especially how to maximize time in the kitchen preparing, cooking, packing and cleaning it. I generally spend no more than 40 minutes a day in my kitchen preparing my own food. It’s all about multi-tasking and having in your hands the right tools and systems to help you get faster and more effective. 

Here are some tips for you that want to learn how to be more effective in the kitchen:

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Winter Tips for a Healthy and Safe Season

As a health professional I see many people falling sick during the winter season. The cold weather certainly brings new challenges to the body and health, although, there are basic principles that most people can do to prevent and to recuperate from sickness at this time of the year. Below are my best advices to keep your body strong to fight the cold season:

1. Watch your Water Intake

Many people reduce their water intake during the cold season due to the reduction of perspiration and loss of water by the heat. Although, water is essential to keep the system healthy and flushing the toxins. Remember to drink at least 40ml of liquid per kilo of weight everyday.

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Brazil, Family, Work, People, Food, Holiday...

After return from my working holiday trip to Brazil I decided to write down the experiences that I have lived in 30 days over there. I had such an amazing time with friends and family that it’s important to me to register this journey and share a little about it with the world. I hardly produced anything in writing over this holiday period compared to my last one when I started the second book. This time it was purely talking, performing and obviously cooking. I did 14 presentations in 10 days, 3 cities and around 500 people in total. Every seminar we catered for the participants so we did lots of preparation, cooking and serving. It was an intense 2 weeks of work and 2 weeks of holiday. The best of all for me was the beautiful people and the food.

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